The Roger Bacon Academy offers a unique sport to middle school students: archery. With a built in range on campus and equipment provided, students can learn and compete in archery through the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). The NASP archery program is designed to teach International style target archery in physical education class 4th-12th grades, core content covers archery history, safety, technique, equipment, mental concentration, core strengthening physical fitness and self-improvement.

Students shoot at 80 cm bulls-eye targets placed before an arrow curtain in their gymnasium. Equipment used is state-of-the art and designed to fit every student. Thanks to support from
the archery industry, the $6,000 equipment ‘kits’ can be purchased by schools for $3,100 to $3,500 dependant upon which targets and bow hanging units are chosen.

The National Archery in the Schools Program® (NASP®) brings the sport of archery to millions of students in schools across the United States & various other countries.

The club is open to both boys and girls. A minimum ‘c’ grade is mandatory to participate and compete with the archery team.

The archery team started in the 2099-2010 school year and has racked up impressive wins so far:

2010 – State Archery Champions – North Carolina
2010 – Ranked 14th in the world – Middle School student, Hunter Johnson, earns 4th place in World Championships.
2011 – State Archery Team Champions – North Carolina
2011 – Ranked 7th in the world

2012 – State Archery Team Champions – North Carolina – Also, male and female 1st place champions
2013 – State Archery Team Champions – North Carolina – Also, male and female 1st place champions

For more information:

Coach Stacey Marjoram –

Visit NASP website HERE.

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