Thank you for your interest in Douglass Academy.

We offer our classical instructional delivery for either on-campus or on-line attendance. 

Our on-campus instructional delivery complies with all safety regulations and conditions for Plan B including:

  • temperature and wellness checks in cars before drop-off,
  • hand sanitation at building entrances
  • 6 foot social distancing in classrooms and offices
  • masks required in all transitions or where 6 foot distances may not be continuously maintained
  • when properly distanced, students are allowed mask breaks until the next transition
  • periodic sanitary wipe-downs of frequently touched surfaces

Our on-line instruction is delivered concurrently with the on-campus instruction and follows the same curriculum for grades 3-8.  For K-2, on-line classes are separate from on-campus classes.  For on-line attendance, all students are expected to:

  • login on time – daily tardies, attendance, and early check-outs noted
  • wear uniforms and comply with dress codes during classes,
  • participate in class discussions,
  • complete all work both during in-class sessions and after-class homework
  • enrolling for on-line attendance is a minimum one-year commitment
  • If building occupancy limits are lifted, on-line students enrolling after July 15, 2020 cannot be guaranteed a seat on-campus and must continue on-line.
  • return all school-provided equipment in good condition at year end.

“When I tell people that my child goes to a charter school, and they say, “what’s that?” I tell them that my child is getting a private school education for free…”
Terrika Tarrance, Kindergarten parent at Douglass Academy

Douglass Academy is a tuition-free school open to all children in the State of North Carolina.
No fees or tuition are ever charged for admission.

Douglass Academy Features

  • Tuition-free, open enrollment, K-5 public school.
  • Outperformed neighboring district schools’ End-of-Grade test by an average of 9.14 percentage points in the most recently published NCDPI reports.
  • Provides bus services, as well as breakfast and lunch for students.
  • Located in the newly renovated, historic Peabody building in the heart of downtown Wilmington.
  • Outstanding extracurricular activities.

Click here to view out Parent/Student Handbook, Discipline Plan, and On-line Addendum

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